Locations: Silverstrand

These are sample photos from just before sunset at Silverstrand Beach on an somewhat overcast day.  Note: No marine layer, just higher clouds.  From a portrait perspective the benefits of this location are the color and subtle edge of the murals and the beauty of the ocean all in the same place.   This allows a lot of versatility.  It’s a similar idea to changing clothes in the middle of a shoot.  I often will blur/blow out the background here, so really we are just considering the mood and color the background provides.  The challenges of this location are dealing with all the sand in general, the unpredictability of coastal skies, and possible wind.  Having said that, the water and murals give us some really creative possibilities.  Locations Distinctions:  Accessible jetty, murals, graffiti, barbed wire, sandy varying elevations, long sloping shoreline, off shore oil rigs.  Alternative location:  The Scary Dairy.

Sample Backgrounds:

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