Learning To Shoot: Part 2

All photography in this post is by Jack Masci.  Jack is 9 years old.

We were back at Jack’s house for our second lesson.  I really wanted Jack to work on depth of field and perspective for this one.  He took some great pictures of a little army man in their pond, changing the aperture to adjust the look he wanted.  I also challenged him to move around–forward and backward, up and down, to get different angles on his shots.  Then we worked on some more textural shots with nuts and bolts from the garage and the pebbles in the pond so he could get a feel for the smaller aperatures.

Jack Masci

Finally I gave him a homework assignment.  I call it “Fill the Frame”.  Which basically meant I was looking for him to exclude the background…to fill the frame entirely with only his subject.  You can see a couple of his favorites here and I think he did a great job.

Jack Masci Lesson 2 & 3-2

Jack Masci Lesson 2 & 3

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