Laudato-Wong Holiday 2014

Hey Cindy–

Here’s the preview!  Can you believe I had more than 2100 frames!  I’ve widdled that down to 271.  You will see them in reverse order.  On the second half our our second shoot, one of my lenses malfunctioned so everything I shot there is blurry.  I’m so sorry.  The good news is there are a ton of super cute images from the first half of that shoot.  I’m really happy with it in spite of the lens malfunction.

Because I needed to cull through so many images, most of the ones you are going to see here are batch processed.  That means, they’ll need a bit more work individually if you want them on your walls (or someone else).  This is what I recommend you do:

Go through the gallery by clicking on the first image.  They are in reverse chronological order.  When you see one that really catches your eye, make a note of it.  Then go back through to catch any of the situations that you didn’t cover in your first trip and decide between multiple images of the same subject(s).

Then, send me a list of the all the images you need me to finalize (you get 30).  Call out the images you need to make your deadline and I will work on them TONIGHT.  I am volunteering from 6:45am-11am tomorrow, so if you can’t get them to me tonight, I won’t be able to work on them until tomorrow afternoon.  (I can do this, we are just cutting it very close.)  I’ll be up until 11pm–then it just depends how much of an affect my 5 mile hike did on me.

Okay–here we go…the photos from the second shoot look great in BW if you want to go that way.  I did include one image from the lens malfunction so you can see what happened.

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